Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM®) Program

Access to Expanded FDIC Insurance Coverage with our Flexible Cash Management Program

Strategically manage your deposit funding needs and precisely manage your balance sheet liquidity levels with the Demand Deposit Marketplace (DDM) program.

The DDM program enables banks, trust departments, credit unions, and other financial institutions to offer its customers access to millions of dollars in FDIC insurance coverage, while also enabling those institutions to strategically manage daily liquidity and offer its customers’ rates that are competitive with other sweep options.* The DDM program serves as a flexible balance sheet management tool for participating banks and credit unions — providing access to wholesale funding and a ‘reciprocal deposits’ feature with the ability to increase or decrease the deposit amounts on the institution’s balance sheet at any time.

Whether your bank has excess liquidity, requires more deposits, or seeks to maintain deposit levels while offering its customers access to expanded FDIC insurance coverage on their deposits, the DDM program has a deposit solution that is right for you.

Offer Your Customers

  • Access to expanded FDIC insurance coverage
  • Daily liquidity
  • Rates that are competitive with other sweep options*

Benefits for Banks & Credit Unions

  • Additional Source of Funds: Retain higher levels of insured, non-brokered reciprocal deposits and access to stable wholesale funding.

  • Attract Customers: Deepen relationships with existing customers and attract new ones such as Corporate, Public Funds, HNW/UHNW individuals and Trust accounts.

  • Flexible & Customizable: Send, receive or reciprocate customer deposits based on your needs.

Benefits for Trust & Wealth Managers

  • Safety: Access to expanded FDIC insurance coverage.

  • Liquidity: Liquid alternative to money market funds; not subject to liquidity fees/redemption gates.

  • Rates/Yields Rate are competitive with other sweep options.*

*We provide recordkeeping and/or administrative services with respect to cash sweep and placement programs that we administer (e.g., the DDM and RTID programs). While customer rates obtained on funds placed into those programs may, under certain circumstances, outperform cash alternatives, such as money market funds, the primary objective of our services is to provide customers with convenient access to expanded FDIC and/or NCUSIF insurance coverage on their funds (and not for investment enhancements, or higher rates of returns or profits).

How it Works

Cash balances in your customers’ accounts are sent daily into the DDM program. The DDM program then allocates those balances to deposit accounts at FDIC or NCUA insured institutions in increments below $250K per eligible depositor (e.g., based on TIN) so that your customers’ balances can receive access to FDIC or NCUA insurance coverage up to the relevant program limit.

Participating banks with affiliated trust departments can benefit by adding another source of stable funding.

DDM Program Options

With up to four types of deposit relationships available, the DDM program offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of deposits on your balance sheet at any time.


Send excess deposits balances

  • Access to expanded FDIC or NCUA insurance coverage  

  • Generate fee income

  • Mitigate carrying costs

  • Reduce balance sheet 

Receive-Only (Funding Solutions)

Receive deposit funding

  • Diversify wholesale funding sources

  • Fund loan demand

  • Strengthen balance sheet

  • Supplement contingency funding plan


Exchange deposits (dollar for dollar)

  • Access to expanded FDIC or NCUA insurance coverage 

  • Receive equal insured deposits in return

  • Manage costs

  • Non-brokered treatment (up to $5 billion or 20% of liabilities)*

*Subject to applicable laws and regulations relating to non-brokered deposits, including 12 CFR 337.6. R&T makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to a bank’s classification of deposits as brokered or not brokered. Such determinations are entirely and solely the responsibility of that bank.

Reciprocal Plus/Minus

Exchange deposits (any desired ratio)

  • Access to expanded FDIC or NCUA insurance coverage  

  • Increase/decrease target deposit levels dynamically

  • Bank determines reciprocal target

  • Send or receive balances above or below the reciprocal target

The sweep deposit program provides a stable source of funding with flexibility around target balances to address our evolving funding needs over the years.

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