Our Solutions

Demand Deposit Marketplace® Program (DDM®)

A flexible cash management solution for banks, bank trust departments, and credit unions providing extended FDIC/NCUA insurance with send-only, receive-only, and reciprocal options.

R&T Insured Deposits (RTID®)

A cash sweep program for broker-dealers and independent trust companies providing access to millions in FDIC insurance across our extensive network of participating banks.

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Funding Solutions for Depository Institutions

Diversify your deposit base with DDM Receive Only and RTID programs, which offer a stable and predictable source of funding through a network of participating institutions.

Industry Solutions

Industry Solution: Securities-Based Lending (SBL)

Through a strategic collaboration with Supernova Technology, R&T is pleased to offer our clients access to the industry’s leading digital, end-to-end SBL solution.

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