DDM Program Limit

(Last Modified: April 2, 2024)

The overall DDM Program Limit is $50 million per eligible depositor (e.g., based on TIN) as of April 2, 2024.*

*What is the overall DDM Program Limit? The overall “DDM Program Limit” is the overall limit set by R&T, from time to time, for the DDM program. The DDM Program Limit is a dollar amount per eligible depositor (e.g., based on TIN) and may change, from time to time, as it depends on the number of receiving institutions in the overall DDM program administered by R&T. Currently, the overall DDM Program Limit is the amount set forth above. R&T notifies participating institutions whenever the overall DDM Program Limit changes, so that a participating sending institution can, if needed, notify its customers of any change to that institution’s program limit.

What is the Sending Institution’s Program Limit? The program limit that is set by a participating sending institution for its program is known as the sending institution’s “program limit”. The sending institution’s program limit is the maximum amount of FDIC or NCUA deposit insurance coverage that the institution’s customer may be eligible to access under its program (subject to the program terms and applicable FDIC and NCUA laws and regulations, including pass through deposit insurance coverage requirements). Sending institutions must not set a program limit for its program that is greater than the overall DDM Program Limit.