Introducing the Certificate of Deposit Marketplace Exchange℠ (CDMX) Program

An Innovative CD Solution Offering Fixed Rates and Flexible Maturity Options is Coming Soon...

Set to launch in the Fall of 2024, the CDMX℠ program is designed to help participating institutions efficiently allocate their customers’ funds into CDs at receiving institutions. This program offers access to expanded deposit insurance coverage on eligible funds through a network of participating receiving institutions, all while maintaining a single relationship with your firm.

The CDMX program can be utilized as a standalone program or integrated with the Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM®) program, which is another flexible cash management solution offering daily liquidity through non-maturity deposits. Where an institution participates in both the DDM and CDMX programs, funds maintained in the CDMX program can be transferred to the DDM program at maturity, allowing the institution to continue to offer its customers access to enhanced deposit insurance coverage on their funds.

Program Advantages
  • Expanded Deposit Insurance: Provide your customers with access to expanded deposit insurance coverage through CDs.
  • Increased Term Deposits: Increase deposits to match your maturity targets.
  • Flexible, Cost-effective Funding: Access overnight or term funding from a single platform.
  • Additional Fee Income: A new opportunity to add incremental revenue.
  • Broad Customer Base: Available to individuals, businesses, and municipalities.
  • Convenient Management: Online portal for easy transaction handling and reporting.

Learn How to Participate in the CDMX Program

Provide your customers with access to fixed rates and terms by placing their funds into FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit, offering diverse maturity options.

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