A Timely CD Solution...
Offering Flexible 
Maturity Options.

Certificate of Deposit Marketplace Exchange℠ (CDMX℠)

Deposit Placement & Funding Solutions Made Simple

Strategically manage your balance sheet, diversify your funding sources and offer your customers access to expanded 
FDIC insurance coverage through our extensive network.

Trusted by financial institutions since 1974.

Our tech-enabled services empower sophisticated clients to expand their capabilities, grow their business and deepen valued relationships.

Broker-Dealer, Trust & Other Wealth Managers

Broker-dealers, trust organizations and wealth managers benefit from our extensive network of banks that provide access to expanded FDIC insurance and fully automated securities-based lines of credit.

Extensive Network.
Flexible Solutions.
Expert Team.

By connecting banks and wealth managers with complementary needs, we empower both parties to expand the range of capabilities and benefits available to their customers, leading to stronger and more valuable relationships.

  • Access up to $50M in Expanded FDIC Insurance Coverage
  • 350+ Participating Banks/Institutions
  • 10M+ Customer Accounts
  • Integrated with most core banking & trust accounting platforms
  • Private label capability
The sweep deposit program provides a stable source of funding with flexibility around target balances to address our evolving funding needs over the years.

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Wholesale Funding & Liquidity
National Bank

Our Solutions

Demand Deposit Marketplace Program® (DDM®)

A flexible cash management solution for banks, bank trust departments, credit unions and other financial institutions providing access to expanded FDIC and/or NCUSIF insurance on deposits with send-only, receive-only and reciprocal options.

R&T Insured Deposits (RTID®)

A cash sweep program for broker-dealers and independent trust companies providing access to millions in FDIC insurance across our extensive network of participating banks.

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Funding Solutions for Depository Institutions

Diversify your deposit base with DDM Receive Only and RTID programs, which offer a stable and predictable source of funding through a network of participating institutions.

Certificate of 
Deposit Marketplace 
Exchange℠ (CDMX℠) Program

Coming soon...an innovative CD solution offering fixed rates and flexible maturity options with access to expanded deposit insurance coverage on eligible funds through a network of participating institutions.

Click here for R&T’s list of receiving institutions in the DDM, RTID (and, when launched, CDMX) programs. R&T is not an FDIC-insured institution. FDIC insurance only covers the failure of an FDIC-insured institution. Certain conditions must be satisfied for pass-through FDIC deposit insurance coverage to apply.