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What We Provide:

  • Cost effective, stable deposit funding from multiple programs
  • Access to expanded FDIC insurance coverage for customer deposits
  • A fully automated underwriting, origination and collateral monitoring system for securities-based lines of credit

Demand Deposit Marketplace Program® (DDM®)

A flexible cash management solution to provide your customers access to expanded FDIC insurance coverage on their deposits, with send-only, receive-only and reciprocal options for bank participation.

  • Additional Source of Funds: Retain higher levels of insured, reciprocal deposits and access to stable wholesale funding.

  • Flexible: Increase or decrease deposit amounts on your balance sheet at any time.

  • Customizable: Send, receive or reciprocate customer deposits based on your needs.

R&T Insured Deposits (RTID®)

A diversified, cost-effective source of wholesale deposit funding.

  • Diversified: Receive deposits sourced from a wide range of programs, including some of the largest broker-dealers, clearing firms and other financial institutions.

  • Simple to Manage: A single point of contact, and the ability to set a single funding target managed across both the RTID and Demand Deposit Marketplace (DDM) programs.

  • Flexible Design: We’ll build a customized program to meet your bank’s specific needs based on its target balance for deposits and preferable source of funds.

Loan Management System (LMS)

An end-to-end origination, underwriting and collateral evaluation and monitoring system for securities-based lines of credit.

  • Automated: Initiate SBLOCs in minutes with our turnkey, end-to-end solution that automates the origination, underwriting and monitoring at scale.

  • Diversified: Loan portfolios can be diversified by asset class, geography and business line.

  • Flexible: Fixed or floating rate categorized as commercial or consumer.

  • Secure: Designed to help you meet your customers’ privacy and cyber security needs.

  • Support: Industry experience, financial intermediary relationships, wholesale product training, and in-field sales support.

R&T has been a reliable and trusted partner. Their programs help us manage our liquidity levels so we can focus on sustainable loans. Additionally, our clients benefit with access to millions of dollars in FDIC insurance and peace of mind, knowing their full deposit is secure.

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